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Having spent months planning your wedding day, frantically running errands, attending appointments and making decisions, many couples spend their wedding day worrying whether everything will go according to plan -- that's where I come in. The primary mission of Plan It With Love is to take your worry away by attending the wedding day and ensuring that all of your hard work, not to mention your dreams of the perfect wedding don't go a wry.

Our First Meeting
Prior to your wedding day, I will have a detailed consultation with you at which time I will get to know you and understand your expectations for your wedding. At this time, I can assist with venue selection and give you guidance to choosing the perfect caterer, photographer and florist, etc. I will also assist you with a pre-wedding guide on etiquette as well as assist with music selections.

After our initial meeting you will receive a detailed, time plan for your wedding. The plan lays out every minute of your big day so that you will have time to think about the events that will go together and have an opportunity to edit the events as you preview your day in writing.

The Rehearsal
I will direct your wedding rehearsal to ensure a smooth and event-free wedding ceremony. This is the perfect time to work out last minute details and smooth out any problems that may have arisen.

The Wedding Day
On your wedding day I will arrive at your venue to ensure that the decor meets with your expectations, I will run errands for last minutes needs, supervise suppliers and sort out any last minute challenges that come along ensuring that your day runs smoothly!

At your reception, I will coordinate the cycle of events such announcing your arrival to the reception, cueing your first dance together, prompting your best man or maid of honor to begin the toasts and finally bringing your perfect day to the perfect end with the traditional bouquet and garter toss.

Other Services

Trust us with your wedding gown preservation!
Wedding Gown Preservation – Plan It With Love is an authorized dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, a trusted and highly regarded family-owned company that has been in the gown preservation business for over 80 years. Certain contracts made with Plan It With Love include the gown preservation kit at no extra charge. Ask about it today!


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