Client Accolades

"Peggy not only did an excellent job coordinating the wedding including keeping everyone on time, she was extremely helpful before the wedding going over vendors and timelines. I could not have pulled the wedding off without her."

- Patricia, Mother-of-the-Bride

"100% Would Recommend! We hired Peggy after a friend used her and recommended her for our wedding! My husband and I are not from Knoxville and were unfamiliar with vendors in the area. Peggy gave us recommendations and tips on local vendors that made selecting them very easy. The week of the wedding, she contacted each of the vendors to ensure things were going to happen on time and as needed. She and her assistant set up the entire reception hall perfectly and coordinated with vendors day of! This was exceptionally helpful to me because I could sit back and enjoy the day knowing that Peggy had everything under control. I needed a bobby pin - Peggy had them! TWO of my bridesmaids had buttons pop off their bridesmaids dresses - Peggy had a sewing kit! Peggy coordinated with the officiant and got everything signed and even mailed for us! To top everything off, Peggy is also a Sandals consultant and helped us plan the perfect honeymoon! Hiring Peggy was one of the best decisions we made through this process and she made everything perfect! I would definitely hire her again!"

- Abby B., Bride

"Peggy was amazing! She delivered as expected and more. We bought votives for the tables and thought they had candles included. Turns out they didn't...but Peggy had enough in her magic matrimony travel bag to allow us to use them. AMAZING JOB!"

- J. Fielden, Mother of the Bride

"Booking Plan It With Love was the best decision we made in planning our wedding! Peggy went above and beyond for us. She was there for us every step of the way. Peggy handled everything the day of, and for us, the day was flawless and we could just enjoy it all. We cannot thank and recommend Plan It With Love enough!"

- S.H., Bride

"Peggy was perfect! Our emails and concerns were quickly resolved by her prompt responses. We had no worry or stressors the day of the wedding because she took care of everything before we even had to ask!! We could not have asked for a more perfect coordinator!"

- F.L., Bride

"Peggy was very sweet and extremely helpful throughout the event and the planning process. She made my day 100% stress-free! I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Ashley J., Bride

"Peggy Love met all our expectations, and then some! My daughter had a small Vietnamese ceremony in the morning and a large American ceremony that night – that was in another town an hour away. Without Peggy’s help, we never would have been able to get it all done. When we first met with Peggy, she stated that her goal was for the wedding day experience to be stress-free for the Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride. She accomplished that goal beautifully! Her guidance, direction, energy, and calming influence made a huge impact on making this wedding a lovely and memorable day for all involved. She is a true blessing from above!"

- Y.S., Mother-of-the-Bride

"Peggy was patient, helpful, and an excellent planner. She was stern to others when appropriate and made sure everything was perfect!"

- M.C., Bride

"Peggy is awesome. Her pricing is very reasonable and she will accommodate your needs for your wedding. She also keeps your best interest at heart when dealing with vendors."

- J. Ellis, Bride

"Peggy made our wedding day go so smoothly which allowed us to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Our only regret was not using her sooner!"

- K. and T.

"Peggy took care of everything - our day was flawless. Thank you very much for all you did. Peggy was on top of everything! So thankful for Peggy and her staff."

- Samantha F., Bride

"Peggy was such a huge help in every aspect of my wedding day. She went above and beyond what I thought and my day ran so smoothly thanks to her!"

- Morgan D., Bride

"Fantastic support and advice to an out-of-town military couple on a tight budget of time and money. Very accomodating and spot-on advice!"

- Sara, Bride

"Miss Peggy took the stress out of wedding planning and dealt with multiple vendors so perfectly before and on our wedding day! Our only mistake was not finding her even sooner! We love Miss Peggy!"

- E. Ginder, Bride

"Peggy is wonderful. I had no worries the day of the wedding. I just enjoyed the day."

- M.G., MOB

"Peggy was wonderful, attentive and ready to make my wedding ideas come to life, and without her and her assistant my wedding may not have been as beautifully executed as it was! Very pleased!"

- Melissa, Bride

"Plan It With Love" made my wedding FLAWLESS! Peggy was flexible with meetings and quick to respond. Her company was enjoyable as well!"

- Taylor C., Bride

"Peggy is the best. Always very professional. Because of her I was able to spend precious time with my daughter before the ceremony! She made my day perfect!!!"

- Carol R., Mother-of-the-Bride

"Peggy was amazing! My wedding was perfect and went off without a hitch because of her. Thank you (Plan It With Love) for making my day everything I dreamed of and more!"

- J. Combs - Bride

"As Mother-of-the-Bride, I was looking for an experienced professional that was detail oriented and could "take control" or improvise on the wedding day, if need be. Peggy met all my criteria and expectations. She was indispensable on the wedding weekend (and preceding months). So delighted we made the perfect decision to hire Peggy!"

- D.A., Mother-of-the-Bride

"I would definitely recommend Peggy if you are wanting someone besides a friend or family member to take control of the behind the scenes."

-L.D., Bride

"I met you on my daughter's wedding day and immediately knew that we were in very capable hands. You did so much to make everything go smoothly, and we could focus on the joy and celebration. You provide a wonderful service. Thank you."

- B.S., Mother-of-the Bride

"I would definitely recommend Plan It With Love. The peace of mind that everything will get done and no need to stress about anything is wonderful!"

-A.L., Mother-of-the-Groom

"Peggy was extremely helpful.  She made our day easy and enjoyable." 

-Kristina D.

"My favorite thing about Plan It With Love was how I knew that everything would be taken care of and the whole day was stress and worry free!"

-Amber L.

"We were planning our wedding from out-of-town. Plan It With Love was invaluable in coordinating, researching, and in assistance in planning our timeline and schedule with numerous vendors. The double-checked plans with the vendors, noted and assisted in resolving scheduling issues ahead of time. They took care of delivering all payments and tips and overseeing set up so that we could be free to enjoy the weekend and visit with guests. We highly recommend using them to de-stress your wedding or event!"

-Cynthia O.

"Peggy met and exceeded all of our expectations. She was so reliable and fun to work with. She coordinated and executed our wedding with over seven vendors perfectly. Peggy and her assistants are so attentive, professional, helpful and organized - everything you would want in a wedding coordinator!!"

-L & M (Bride and Groom)

"Plan It With Love" made it easy for us to plan our son's wedding activities. She answered many of our questions and provided helpful suggestions for planning 'Groom' events."

-Father of the Groom

"Peggy's recommendations for catering, DJ, etc., were all outstanding! I could not have asked for anything better. The day of my wedding there was very little I had to worry about - she (and her assistant) made sure they coordinated and instructed it all! Thank you for making it a perfect day for my family!"

- Shannon A.

"Love, Love, Love working with Plan It With Love - she made my day as Mother-of-the-Bride stress free and super fun!"

- S. I., Mother-of-the-Bride

"It is difficult to put into words everything Peggy did for my family, fiance, and me during our engagement and wedding planning process. We contacted Peggy at the recommendation of our venue, and second only to saying yes when my fiance asked me to marry him, she was the best part about the whole journey. She responded promptly to emails and never let me feel overwhelmed. She was always available for advice whether it was on tipping, vendor selection, etc. Her rapport with all the local vendors is superb which makes planning a wedding that much easier!

I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the STRESS FREE day Peggy created for our wedding. She had confirmed and scheduled the vendors ahead of time such that my life the week leading up to our wedding was a breeze. She managed two very opinionated families with the ease and professionalism only a true professional could. She was assertive but courteous. She did all of this and more to ensure our day was just that, OUR DAY. I will forever be grateful for the love and support Peggy showed us during this wonderful time in our lives."

- C. R., Bride

"Peggy is awesome. Everything went as planned and went smoothly for my perfect wedding!"

- K.M., Bride

"If you want your fairytale wedding with no stress and tons of compliments...You want Peggy! She made our wedding better than we could have dreamed! Thanks Peggy!"

- Jennifer R., Bride

"Plan It With Love w/Peggy Love was wonderful in the wedding planning process! She was on the ball with suggestions and planning out even the tiniest details! She was great getting everything put together for our perfect day!"

- B and D, Bride and Groom

"If you want 100% confidence that everything is under control then Peggy is your woman. I did not worry about a thing on my wedding day. Peggy met many times with my mother and me before the wedding and gave us so many ideas and helped with all the little details. Peggy also has a great relationship with Knoxville wedding vendors and they all enjoy working with her. Not only is she organized and delivered above my expectations, but she is also an extremely fun and kind woman. She brought light and laughter to my planning and the day of. I don't think we could have done it without Peggy!"

- Melissa, Bride

"Plan It With Love - "Peggy" - very reliable service provided for the bride and mother-of-the-bride when things are so very hectic... week before wedding!"

- E. E., Mother-of-the-Bride

"Want to be less stressed and have more fun on your wedding day? Hire Plan It With Love!"

- Haleigh R., Bride

"It was a pleasure working with Peggy. She was my eyes and ears in Tennessee due to the fact I lived in Columbus, Ohio. Her recommendation on photographer, DJ, chaplain, flowers, and hair and makeup were amazing. She helped bring the wedding of my dreams to life. I would do it all again in a heart beat and not change a thing. I would tell any girl who is on the fence about getting a wedding planner... to go with Peggy Love, that they won't regret it, she is awesome!!!"

- A. Herman

"We are so thankful we found Peggy Love! She was always available for questions and thought of every detail. Can't thank her enough for helping to make our day so special!"

- M & C Lewis

"Peggy Love is the best! It was so nice to be able to enjoy our big day knowing that everything was in good hands. She took care of EVERYTHING and we were able to just sit back and take everything in. I would recommend her with 100% confidence."

- K. B., Bride

"Peggy, you and your assistant went above and beyond; you kept us on track and every problem, minor/major, you were right there to solve it. Thank you so much!"

- Leslie, Bride

"When my good friend told me that she had one piece of advice for me as 'mother of the bride', I never realized that it would be the BEST advice anyone would give me: hire a wedding coordinator. At first, my daughter and husband thought I was being extravagant, and even I wondered privately if it was really necessary, thinking that surely we could handle things on our own; but in the end, we all agreed whole-heartedly that Peggy was a godsend. She listened carefully and respectfully to our wishes, without any hint of judgment or personal bias, and 'got it' the first time, every time. Without her friendly, sure-handed but respectful guidance, know-how, and organization, her experience, diplomacy, and cheerful 'can do' attitude, I can't imagine how differently things might have gone. "Perfect" is how our daughter and new son-in-law described it, and my husband and I heartily agreed. We all felt stress-free and totally engaged in every special moment of the wedding day, knowing Peggy had things well in hand. Honestly, having Peggy made all the difference. We have nothing but beautiful memories of that very happy day. Now we will be the wise friends passing along the sage advice: hire Peggy!"

- S.D., Mother of the Bride

"Peggy was extremely helpful with the day-to-day planning of my wedding. She was a great resource for information, but above all, she provided me a great sense of relief during what can be a stressful time. I wish I had hired her from Day 1!"

- Ashley, Bride

"From our first contact she felt like family. Peggy is wonderful and put every question/issue I had at ease. Our family is a BIG military family and Peggy's was as well."

- C & M Catron

"Our wedding was perfect and we have received nothing but compliments since our wedding day. Simply put, that would not have happened without Plan It With Love."

- C.L. and K.L.

"Peggy covers all the bases! She asked me questions I hadn't even thought of. She is so helpful with getting you organized and making a smooth time-line. Peggy went above and beyond to meet with me and help me plan. Everything turned out just the way I wanted, and I could relax knowing she was there!"

- J & B Cooper

"I would highly recommend Peggy Love from 'Plan It With Love!' She is extremely organized and knowledgeable about weddings, vendors, and staying on schedule with planning.  She is also personable, easy to work with and very easily accessible for questions." 

- M.Z., Mother-of-the-Bride

"Plan It With Love took the stress off of me on my daughter's wedding day so that I could fully enjoy every moment." 

- V.H. - Mother of the Bride

"My first decision when planning my wedding was to hire Peggy Love - and it should be yours too! My wedding was a dream come true and it would not have been possible without Peggy. Planning weddings can be/are stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. Fortunately, my husband and I didn't experience ANY of that and had an absolute blast - ALL thanks to Mrs. Love! Best wedding decision we made!"

- The Smiths

"Peggy Love is a "mother of the bride's" dream come true!! Thank you, thank you. I didn't have to worry about a thing."

- J.R.- Mother of the Bride

"Peggy was extremely helpful in coordinating our big day. She made sure everyone was in their place and all the details worked out. Definitely made it as stress-free as possible."

- K. C. - Bride

"Peggy was a "God-send". I initially believed my mother and I didn't need a wedding planner, but Peggy was worth every penny. I can't tell you how many times my mother and I told each other how happy we were that we'd hired Peggy!"

- Bride - Jamie

"Throughout the planning process, and since the wedding, I have repeatedly said that contracting Plan It With Love was the single most important investment we made. Peggy took a huge load off me right from the beginning and I am sure that my daughter's perfect wedding would have been a total flop without Peggy's help."

- Barbara D., Mother-of-the-Bride

"We could not have picked a better person to help with our wedding. Your prompt responses and actions help reduce stress levels and made our day that much better."

- The Harps

"Peggy was fantastic, and I can't imagine doing the wedding planning without her. She completely took our stress away. Best money we ever spent!"

- Jen and Mike

"Peggy was great! There were so many things she thought of that I hadn't. The day of the wedding went so smooth, she had a detailed itinerary, which was very helpful for everyone involved in the wedding."

- Lindsey C.

"Plan It With Love made sure every detail was given attention and any surprise circumstances were dealt with quickly and quietly!  Everything went smoothly and I always felt at ease." 

- Nikki - Bride

"Plan It With Love (Peggy) was the best thing for us, since we live out of town.  Peggy was wonderful with suggestions and taking care of all." 

- Maurice and Nancy J

"Peggy went above and beyond for us on our big day and throughout the entire process. She helped us through many meetings, phone calls, emails, and vendor visits. We couldn't have done it without her."

- Rachel and Chris K.

"Peggy is great at pulling it all together and listening to the unique requests and preferences of the couple."

- Mary P. - Mother-of-the-Bride

"I was living in North Carolina; my fiance was in California; and Peggy Love planned our perfect wedding right here in Tennessee. People kept commenting on what a calm bride I was... Peggy was the secret to my sanity!"

- Lydia C

"I was really torn when my daughter suggested a "Day of Consultant".  I wanted to be free to enjoy her wedding but being a perfectionist I was afraid it wouldn't be up to my standards.  Well, the solution was Peggy.  I hate to admit this, but she took care of everything.  Better than I ever could."       

- Trish C.

"Peggy was wonderful. We had a long distance wedding and she was willing to help with the extra work for that situation."

- Kym C. - Mother-of-the-Bride

"Peggy provided a calm and positive attitude throughout the wedding planning process, she pays attention to the details, she is efficient and upbeat. Thanks for everything Peggy!"

- S and F Graves

"Peggy relieved a lot of stress when planning our wedding and on the day of the wedding. With her help everything ran smoothly!"

- J. and G. Mayo

"Peggy is hands down, the best wedding planner out there. We owe so much to her for helping create the most magical day of our lives. Hire her! You won't be sorry!"

- K. and K. Reilly,

"Peggy is pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable, informative and dependable. She knows how to get the job done."

- Tammy E.

"Peggy is an amazing wedding planner who helped me every step of the way. She always responded very quickly to my questions, which is a great relief to a stressed out bride like me!"

- Susan N.

"Peggy took my random calls and e-mails with nothing but kindness and attention for me. No matter what your budget Peggy really does "Plan Your Day With Love"! Thank you Peggy!"

- Buddy & Jessica C.

"Peggy, we just wanted you both (you and the caterer, Rex Bradford Jones) to know how pleased we were with how everything went with our wedding! Things absolutely could not have gone better -- the preparation, the awesome food, the organization -- it was all truly perfect. You guys were integral to making sure things went along as planned, and we can't thank you enough for all that you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... a thousand times! We were very happy, and have heard nothing but great reviews from everyone who attended. It was perfect. We will be happy to recommend you both to anyone considering your services."

- Mr. & Mrs. R. Barnes

"Peggy was a pleasure to work with - she was always upbeat and helped me find answers to all my questions."

- Laura D.

"Hard-working and very passionate about what she does! And I especially loved that she always had my - the bride's - best interest at heart! A sincere thank you."

- S. McGee

"The name says alot, but even more so does the lady. Peggy Love gave us unlimited support, ideas, and guidance as we prepared for our special day. During the actual event when Peggy had to make impromptu decisions and last minute adjustments she did so with confidence, ease, and fun. There isn't anyone else I would have wanted to pass me a tissue for my joyous tears or laugh with me through the steps of the day. Thank you Peggy!"

- Becky and John




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