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10 Reasons to Hire ME!

10. The role of Mother-of-the-Bride is a significant part of the wedding ceremony - frazzled, perspiring mothers do not float elegantly down the isle.
9. Someone needs to line up the groomsmen and bridesmaids 16 times before the wedding begins.
8. Decisions must be made about the order of the reception events. Does the order of your reception events make sense?
7. How can you get dressed, greet the photographer, the florist, the minister, the wedding party, help dress the bride, help elderly family members put on their corsages and maneuver wheelchairs and walkers while posing for pictures all at the same time?
6. Who is going to make sure the in-laws & step-family are in their proper seats?
5. Is someone helping to remember those special finishing touches that will make this day even more special (like the Bible the bride will carry or a special memento to bring)?
4. Who is is taking things from the ceremony to the reception?
3. You've spent a fortune on wedding attire, flowers and photographs -- can you enjoy the moment if you have to tell the bridesmaids to line up for the 16th time?
2. There are almost always "sticky" situations that you'd prefer someone else handle (where to seat the ex-wife, pink or blue hair on a bridesmaid, excessive piercing and/or jewelry), let someone else take on that battle for you!
1. You deserve a worry-free wedding day, so PLAN IT WITH LOVE!

Why such a big deal?

What excitement, what commotion and fuss - over a single hour of one day in our life!

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